Sunday, April 8, 2018

Summer Mood Eyes


Summer's here and we'll agree, by and by,
with the summer sunlight in our eyes.

-- Tammany Hall "Summer Song"

    Well, well, I've fallen for another Japanese magazine freebie, yet again (sigh). This time it's the 11th collaboration between Jelly magazine and Japanese fashion brand EMODA, consisting of a 10-shade eyeshadow palette, a lipstick and a lipgloss. Lately I've been feeling quite indifferent about these "furokus", but the shades in this palette are so summery and such a departure from the usual bland earth-toned offerings that I was sorely tempted (and the very existence of this post proved I finally caved in ...obviously LOL) 

    是的各位,我又被日雜彩妝贈品迷惑了。這次是Jelly雜誌跟日本潮牌EMODA的第11(?)次合作,贈品是10色眼影盤+唇膏+唇蜜的3set。原本已經覺得沒什麼贈品可以打動我了大概可以戒掉日雜了,但是天殺的這盤眼影的配色真是太夏天啦~~然後突然就心動了 XD 加上之前入手的也是JELLY贈品的EMODA多功能彩妝盤(這裡)其實還不錯用,基於好奇我還是不爭氣的下單了(*´艸`*)

    Let's start with the eyeshadow palette then, shall we? Of course what drew me in in the first place was the shade selection, you could do colour-blocking or just an everyday brown-toned look with this palette. It also comes equipped with a mirror (a rarity for furokus) and a double-ended brush with a sponge applicator on one end and an angled liner brush on the other. Truth be told however, a freebie by any another name is still a low-cost freebie, the case feels really plastic (well, it is plastic) and the mirror looks as though it was attached to the case with an indifferent glue gun. The colour payoff of the eyeshadows are really not that great either, and there's a little powder fallout issue too. If you're going for positivity I'd say the colours are actually buildable and easy to use, but if you're accustomed to the pigmentation of cult brands like Tarte or KVD this might test your patience ^^"  Below is a swatch of the shades, unfortunately there's a little focus issue as I'm using a self-timer here with a DSLR, and it's a bit difficult to catch the slightly duochrome effects of some of the shadows, so I'll post the swatch video in a short while to my Instagram (@bonjourjasmineblog), you can see the swatches in clearer view there if you're interested.
    先來說說眼影盤吧!配色完勝許多日雜贈品的萬年安全牌大地色系彩妝,可以玩跳色眼妝也可以打造一般日常的大地色look。眼影盤附有鏡子跟一支有海棉棒跟斜角刷的雙頭刷具,but贈品始終是贈品,包裝其實頗簡陋(鏡子感覺是用熱融膠黏在盒蓋上的),眼影本身也略飛粉而且不太顯色。往好處想很清淡可以慢慢堆疊不易失手,但是用過歐美牌的大概會上的很不耐煩 (>_<)  下面手臂試色抱歉因為是單眼自拍可能有點失焦,也拍不太出來一些珠光色的光澤感,我晚點會上傳試色影片到ig(帳號 bonjourjasmineblog),有興趣的話可以去看看啦 (^-^)/

From left to right (the shade names are direct translations from Japanese) : 

Eyeshadow Base - A pearl white shimmer base, which as a base I feel is mediocre, but it works surprisingly well as a highlighter. The base applies onto the skin smoothly, and does not overly accentuate pores. This has unexpectedly become my go-to highlighter lately (in the completed look below I used this shade as the highlight on the nose and cheekbones). 

Chrome Green - The shade that drew me in initially, for a freebie palette I was surprised to find a nice metallic finish to this shade despite its indifferent colour payoff. This might not be obvious in the photo, you can head over to my Instagram for the short swatch video for a clearer notion.

Saffron Yellow - Despite its name, I think this is more of a green-tinged yellow (a rather ambiguous description, I'll admit)

Pale Beige - A shimmer ivory beige shade, handy for brightening the lower lids.

Resort Orange - A golden orange which, apart from using it as an eyeshadow, I find quite pretty too when worn as a blush on fair skin (shown in the completed look below).

Blossom Peach - A peach gold with quite a handful of chunky glitter. Due to the light-reflecting nature of the glitter particles, it, to some degree, resembles water droplets reflecting light a little and gives the eyes sort of a wet look when worn on the lids.

Amber Brown - A golden brown glitter shade, and which according to the magazine is a brown that would suit any skin tone.

Pumpkin Brown - A matte pumpkin orange brown, this shade is a bit dry and the colour payoff is not that good so it needs to be layered on. Can be used as an brown-toned blush too.

Matte Brown - A grey-toned cool brown with a matte finish, according to the mag this shade can also be used as a brow powder. It's too light for me for that purpose, but it does work very well as a nose contouring shade (I mixed this shade with a little Pumpkin Brown for the nose contour in the completed look below).

Nuts Pearl Brown - The quintessential safe earth-toned shade, a cool-toned brown shimmer.

    In a nutshell, I think this palette is quite blah in terms of eyeshadow pigmentation (and speaking of this I highly recommend applying it with a wet applicator, it improves the colour payoff drastically), but it works surprisingly well in other faculties i.e. as a blush, highlighter or even as nose contour, so much so that it has replaced some of my higher end cosmetics as my go-to items lately (a short adios, for the moment, to my Fenty highlighter and contour stick LOL). 


Eyeshadow Base - 珠光白的眼影底膏,作為打底我是無感,但是拿來打亮完全讓我驚艷的自然好看。膏體滑順當打亮容易上手,并且不黏也不太會顯毛孔。結果最近日常打亮都換用這個了。(下面妝容用的就是這色當打亮)

Chrome Green - 當初最吸引我的一色,雖然也是不太顯色需要疊擦,但是意外的以一個日雜贈品來說這色的金屬光澤效果還滿美的,不過照片看不太出來。

Saffron Yellow - 日文直譯是姜黃,但實際上是帶點草綠的淺黃珠光色(好難形容 orz

Pale Beige - 珠光淺米白,適合用來打亮臥蠶。

Resort Orange - 帶點偏光的橘金色,除了拿來當眼影之外,白肌拿來當腮紅也是相當好看。(下面妝容有用這色當腮紅)

Blossom Peach - 亮片有點大顆的蜜桃金,因為大亮片反射光的效果,其實蠻適合用來打造濕潤感的眼妝,會有點水光粼粼的錯覺。

Amber Brown - 一樣是亮片偏大的金棕色,看雜誌說是任何膚色都適用的金屬棕(但這色我還沒用 : P)。

Pumpkin Brown - 南瓜橘棕色,霧面質地,略乾需疊擦,可以當土色腮紅使用。

Matte Brown - 霧面帶灰的冷調棕色,雜誌上是說除了當眼影也可以當眉粉,但是對我來說太淺了不好用。倒是非常適合當鼻影(下面妝容使用這色混一點點隔壁的南瓜棕當鼻影)

Nuts Pearl Brown - 就安全的必備大地色,偏冷的珠光棕色。

    總而言之這盤給我的感覺是,非常清淡須疊擦(強烈建議用眼影棒濕擦,手指乾擦基本悲劇orz),作為眼影是滿雞肋的,但是其他功能比如打亮、腮紅、鼻影意外的好,好到最近取代了我其他更高價的彩妝品成為日常妝容的常駐成員(暫時再見了Fenty的打亮棒跟修容棒XDDD ( ̄▽ ̄)

    Apply (1) all over the lids. Then apply (7) over the area within the crease and blend the edges. Next, layer on (5) at the outer 1/3 of the lid. Dab a little (6) in the center for a slightly wet look. Wet the included eyeliner brush, swipe (2) along the upper eyelid and extend outwards around 5mm. For the lower lids, I simply apply (4) on the inner 2/3 of the eyes. 


    For the lips I used the freebie lipstick in Blossom Peach (I didn't use the lip gloss though). The shade, a bright coral orange, is quite flattering with good pigmentation and coverage.Though it does not alleviate lip lines, it does not make the lips look dry either.

    唇彩也是用這次贈品的唇膏(色號名 Blossom Peach,沒有用唇蜜)。唇膏是明亮的珊瑚橘色,發色度跟遮色力都不錯,顏色也相當討喜顯氣色。雖然不太遮唇紋,但也不會顯乾。

    Apart from the aforementioned eye and lip makeup, I also used (5) as a blush, (1) on the cheekbones and nose bridge as highlight and (8) + (9) as nose contour in the look below. You could almost say this is a single palette look, I guess : P

    下面妝容除了上述眼妝跟唇妝,有用(5)當腮紅、(1)當顴骨跟鼻樑打亮、(8)+(9)當鼻影。大概可以說是一盤完成的妝 XD

    Due to the excellent lighting conditions on this day, these photos did not require any correcting filters or even adjustment of brightness and contrast. They are taken under natural light by the window. And also because of the excellent lighting conditions, I think I got a little carried away shooting, hope you don't mind LOL.

    因為這天光線超好這次的照片都沒有加濾鏡也沒有調亮度或對比,都是在室內窗邊自然光下拍的。然後也因為這次光線超好所以拍多了請見諒 XD  

*     *     *

    As usual my Instagram medley, pink for spring? Groundbreaking. (in Meryl Streep's dripping-with-acid tone)


Bises! ♥♥

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

A Little on Fenty Beauty

    Well, I'm writing about Fenty Beauty at last, after months of habitual procrastination. I actually got my hands on these shortly after they were launched at Sephora, so that's about half a year dawdling LOL. The craze at that time is still fresh in my mind, the crowded aisles and counters, and how the "hot items" hyped incessantly by bloggers and Youtubers alike sold out in a short time despite apparently well-stocked shelves.

    好咧~總算要來寫Fenty Beauty了。其實它上市不久我就在Sephora入手了,算下來也快半年了囧。當時真的超瘋狂,櫃位時刻擠滿了人,而且雖然我覺得Fenty並沒有要走Kylie或KKW那種動不動秒殺的飢餓行銷,備貨一直蠻充足的,但是幾個明星商品在美妝部落客跟youtubers的力推之下還是在幾天內就短暫斷貨了。

    First things first, I really like the simple yet chic hexagonal motif that runs throughtout Fenty Beauty's product packaging, and there's an embossed "FB" on the cap of each Match Stix and also on the lip gloss. The Match Stixes and their portable brushes in similar packaging are magnetic, which means they would huddle up tight by themselves when placed in close proximity. The items I got -- Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer, Match Stix Matte Skinstick in Amber, Match Stix Shimmer Skinstick in Confetti -- are, incidentally, bestsellers of the brand, which was no surprise given the amount of positive reviews they had from leading Youtubers. To be frank though, I wasn't terribly impressed when I tried them out at the counter, but actual usage after I brought them home tells a different story.

    我是滿喜歡Fenty簡潔俐落的六角形包裝設計的,不管是唇蜜還是修容棒的蓋子上都印有品牌縮寫FB的字樣。修容棒跟同款包裝的刷具都是磁吸式設計,幾個放在一起會吸成一團 XD  這次買的三樣:Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb唇蜜、Match Stix Matte Skinstick 修容棒(色號Amber)以及Match Stix Shimmer Skinstick(色號Confetti)大概都能算熱賣款吧,其實也是被youtube上的試色跟評價生火入手的 (*′艸`*)   但是真的要說,我靠櫃試在手上時真的還好而已,沒有特別驚豔也沒特別雷到,但是買回來用過後又是另一回事了。

    Let's start with the lip gloss, full name Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer, with only one shade that Fenty claimed would suit every skintone. This was all the rage at the launch, if you had searched Fenty Beauty on Twitter then you would find everyone raving about the Gloss Bomb. I approached the Fenty counters with high expectations for this one, but was left indifferent due to the overpoweringly sweet syrupy scent and stickiness. Nevertheless, seeing them flying off the shelves like bottled water before a ration and being one of the impressionable consumer masses, naturally I followed suit with one in my cart. The packaging is, of course, the aforementioned hexagonal design, and there's a rather large slanted applicator which I quite like for its speedy yet precise application.

    先講講唇蜜!全名是Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer,只有一個色號,號稱所有膚色都適用。開賣初期這支真的超紅,推特上搜Fenty Beauty大家都在推Gloss Bomb。抱著很大期待靠櫃試在手上後卻沒有很喜歡,感覺很黏而且帶很重的糖漿味(我很不愛糖漿味,覺得像某種小時候吃的退燒藥水 囧>)。但是因為旁邊大家都人手一支,我於是不甘寂寞(?)的也來一支(腦波超弱)  包裝是一貫的俐落六角形,打開來是蠻大的斜口刷頭,我覺得刷起來很順手,可以迅速把嘴唇塗滿塗勻。

    When I said the actual usage tells a different story, I was alluding to the excellent lip plumping and line-concealing qualities of this gloss that can hardly be construed by a swatch on the back on the hand at the Sephora counter. I have seriously dry lips, there's no other way to put it (if you have any doubts I suggest you peruse my latest Sephora haul post, scroll to the end and you'll see my lip lines in all their pruny glory LOL), but with this gloss I do not have to employ any lip mask or lip balm to get smooth plump juicy lips. And I like the colour too, with a bit of concealer on my lips it shows up a flattering salmon peach pink hue. As for that sweet scent and the stickiness that so turned me off initially, I find the scent less overwhelming and more bearable after a while if you apply but a thin layer, and it feels less sticky too as time passes, although you could still catch a few stray strands of hair on the lips if there's unwelcome wind coming your way ; )

    之所以說買回來用過又是另一回事是因為,這支唇蜜優秀的豐唇和遮唇紋效果不是試在手上能試出來的。我嘴唇其實蠻乾的(有興趣可以看上上篇Sephora敗家文文末的照片就知道可以有多乾多皺了 XDD),但是擦這支不用事先潤唇也能擦出肥美多汁(?)的唇瓣來。顏色我也滿喜歡的,在我唇上(因為唇色深有稍微上一點遮瑕)呈現的是帶點金色亮粉的鮭魚粉橘色。至於我一開始很在意的糖漿味跟黏度,後來擦了一陣子後覺得薄擦的話味道不會太濃郁可以接受,黏性其實也還好不過還是有點黏的,就是擦著不會不舒服但是如果頭髮飄過來還是會黏住一兩根那樣 XD

    I was quite intrigued by the Match Stixes (is there even a consensus plural form though?) especially with the large selection of shades available. The Matte Skinstick in Amber was touted as a grey-toned contour cream to which I was immediately drawn as I find a lot of contour shades too warm for me. I had a much harder time selecting a Shimmer Skinstick, I was briefly infatuated with the ethereal lavender-hued Unicorn, but the purple was too pronounced and it would be difficult to use even on special occasions. So ultimately I ended up with the equally ethereal but more subtle Confetti, a cream highlight in a lilac hue with iridescent sparkles.  

    打從一開始我就對火柴棒Match Stix們感興趣,因為色號選擇很多很澎湃的感覺 XD  這次修容棒我毫不猶豫選了土灰色調的Amber,因為目前手邊的修容色調對都太偏暖很突兀。選打亮棒時就一直躊躇不決,原本屬意很仙很仙的薰衣草紫Unicorn,但是它擦上去對白肌來說紫調太明顯,對我來說太囂張了就算是婚禮或宴會也很難用上。於是最後買了也很仙但比較低調的Confetti,是帶七彩亮粉的淺紫羅蘭色。

    The contour applies quite smoothly and I feel that the taupe shade works well with fair skin. The only drawback is the size I guess, the thick tube and its blunt edges make it rather clumsy for nose shading. As for the highlighter, well, "actual usage tells a different story" applies here as well. I was so enamoured with the gorgeous slightly duochrome lilac shade (you can check out my IG Story or later post for a video swatch), but honestly it does not work too well with foundation. The texture is a bit dry and requires a heavier hand when applying, which unfortunately tends to push away some of your foundation too. Using a brush doesn't help much because the dry texture makes it difficult to pick up product unless you warm it up first. So all in all not the most convenient of highlighters I'd say, though I daresay the effect is lovely.


    I used all three of the aforementioned Fenty products in this look. Regarding Confetti, without light hitting it it comes off as a rather natural, slightly pink cast (see Pic 2 below) or is hardly perceptible on the face, such as in Pic 1 below. When the light hits it though, it gives an ethereal yet subtle lilac glow.


    All in all, I feel that Fenty Beauty provides quite good products at a pricepoint that is pretty reasonable, considering it's a celebrity-endorsed brand (take, as a counter example, the Estee Lauder x Victoria Beckham). But these three that I got, they are not really must-haves, I think. The contour and the highlight give beautiful results, but they each have their own little glitches that render them less handy than I'd have liked them to be. That said, the biggest surprise came where I least expected it -- the Gloss Bomb which I thought I'd hate. If you love juicy wet plump lips and can stand cloyingly sweet artificial scent, I'd say you ought to have a go (go for the mini-sized ones that they recently released, those are just so cute : ) )

    總的來說我個人覺得Fenty Beauty的東西還不錯用啦,價錢以一個明星的品牌來說也算很合理了(看看Ester Lauder x Victoria Beckham精美的訂價)﹐但是我買的這三樣其實也沒有到非收不可的地步。修容棒跟打亮棒上臉的效果很不錯,但也都有各自的小缺點,用起來沒我預期的順手。這次比較驚豔的反而是我不太期待的唇蜜,想要水潤豐唇又能忍受超甜糖漿味的姊妹們可以試試,他們最近出了迷你版喔超可愛 XD

*        *       *

    That's all this time, I guess! Ending this post with a medley of recent Instagrams as per usual. The account name is @bonjourjasmineblog, right now I'm short of time getting ready for work, but after ward rounds later I'll post a short vid of swatches from my phone (perhaps about 11-ish?). If you'd like to watch the duochrome effect of Confetti more closely, do head over to the vid : )

    這次就先這樣啦!照例以近期IG拼圖當結尾。IG帳號是 bonjourjasmineblog,現在趕著去上班沒時間,等等巡完房會把手機裡的手臂試色影片放上喔,對打亮棒的偏光有興趣的可以去看看啦(大概、可能、11點左右)!

Bises! ♥♥

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Of Birds and Blossoms

God took the stars and he tossed 'em,
Can't tell the birds from the blossoms.

-- Tom Waits "Green Grass"


    I have to admit I've put this post off for too long, I hope you don't mind the totally season-inappropriate outfit. Anyway, I'm sharing a bit about a freebie Chesty phone wallet I got from a Japanese fashion magazine called Bijin Hyakka ages ago. The print with the birds and the flowers, which was also one of Chesty's most popular prints and has been made into dresses and purses, was what moved me, and I wanted a phone wallet for when I just needed to take a bit of cash and my phone to, say, get a quick supper. Yet this print was totally random, you might get many birds on the front cover if you're lucky or not at all, or you might get them in unfavorable places such as the corners making them barely discernible, or have their bodies cut off by the edges or the closure flap. I'd be lying if I say I wasn't a bit worried after seeing on Instagram that many Japanese girls had to buy multiple copies to score one with at least one whole bird in front. Fortunately I had a bit of luck with mine and the prettiest bluebird (which the Japanese girls considered lucky and dubbed "幸せの青い鳥")was in the prominent centre while there was another yellow one soaring in the top-right and a red-and-white one perched at the left bottom corner. 

    真是不好意思,這篇真是拖太久了連穿搭都過季了,請大家將就看看 XDD  話說去年夏末又為了贈品入手了日雜「美人百花」。這次送的是花鳥印花的Chesty手機包。這個印花大概是Chesty的暢銷款之一,之前就有用同款印花出過洋裝跟短夾。我愛這種浪漫風印花,然後也想要一個手機包以便去買宵夜時可以只帶一點錢跟手機就好(就是這麼懶 XD)。那麼問題來了,這手機包的印花是隨機的。你可能包包正面有很多隻鳥,也可能一隻都沒有,或者是鳥在很不起眼的地方比如邊邊跟角落或是鳥頭或鳥身在邊緣被裁掉了--總之跟賭博一樣刺激。打開盒子的時候我都有點擔心了,畢竟IG上看到很多日本女生買了好幾個才終於拿到正面一隻完整的鳥 orz  幸好我拿到的還算不錯,被日本女生稱為「幸福藍鳥(幸せの青い鳥)」的藍白色小鳥位置正好接近中央,右上跟左下還各有一隻黃色跟紅色的鳥。

    The wallet was designed for a universal fit of phone sizes (excepting plus models which would be a tad too big) and naturally there would not be a keyhole for the phone camera because different models come with different camera placements. Instead they have this sliding mechanism where you attach your phone to the black adhesive, and when you need to use it you can easily slide your phone upwards to reveal the camera. The adhesive is pretty sticky, but I didn't really want to stick my phone onto it permanently so I stuck a simple rose gold case from the dollar store instead. That way I can switch my phone cases easily according to my needs at the moment. As for the outfit, I just brought my floral blazer out as the print matches almost perfectly with the wallet. And with the flower headband and the butterfly earrings, I was going for a full-on garden theme I guess, LOL .

    這款手機包因為是為各種型號手機適用而設計(不過plus的型號會太大一點點),所以上面沒有相機孔,畢竟不同型號相機位置都不同。取而代之的是一個滑板的設計,把手機貼在黑色的貼片上,當需要用相機的時候就把手機往上推露出相機孔,上面有個卡榫會把手機固定住避免下滑,用完再把手機往下推歸位即可。因為不想把手機固定貼在這個手機包裡,所以我貼了個百元店的玫瑰金邊透明手機殼。這樣就能在需要的時候快速的把手機裝進去,錢也塞進去帶著出門了。關於這天的穿搭,我把許久沒穿的花花西裝外套搬出來了,因為跟手機包根本可以組成完美的一套。再加上花花髮帶跟蝶影耳環,我想我當天根本是想走浪漫花園主題路線的 XDD

Floral blazer :  SheIn
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Phone wallet :  Chesty
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Thursday, January 4, 2018

A Little Sephora Christmas Love

The Christmas tree is decorated, all the shopping's done.
Stockings line the fireplace one by one.

-- Andy Williams "Christmas Needs Love to be Christmas"

    Lately it's been mostly beauty and makeup posts here, I know. Well, in my own defense who can really resist all those pretty limited edition packagings in this festive season? I know I can't ; )  Anyway, this post is mostly about my more recent Sephora haul during the holiday season. Truly there's no better time in my opinion to shop there, as a lot of brands would launch limited edition items with gift-worthy seasonal packaging at this time of the year, and usually there would also be value sets for those not willing to take the plunge in full-sized products just yet. Well, let's begin with my own little Christmas haul now, shall we? 

    最近都在寫彩妝,因為看到聖誕限量外貌協會的我就克制不住自己了啊 <囧">  繼上上篇的吉隆坡Sephora戰利品文後,今天來分享比較接近聖誕檔期入手的美妝收穫。真心覺得黑五跟聖誕檔期是Sephora最好逛的時候,因為很多品牌除了推出包裝精美的限量,還會有各種小樣組合,非常適合只想先試水溫還不想買正品的消費者。以下簡單介紹一下這次(其實不多?的)戰利品啦~>///<

* Fenty Beauty Match Stix Matte Skinstick in Amber
* Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer
* Fenty Beauty Match Stix Shimmer Skinstick in Confetti

    Not exactly seasonal limited edition items here, but I took the opportunity to snag a few Fenty Beauty items during the Black Friday sale. As I plan to write a post later on that lilac Confetti highlighter (R) and the Gloss Bomb Lip Luminizer (C), I'll not further elaborate here. The Amber contour stick though, I find surprisingly flattering on fair-skinned girls. While most contour shades marketed in non-Asian countries (and intended for tan-loving Caucasians and dark-skinned ladies) are either too dark or too orange for fair skin, this taupe Amber shade with its tinge of grey looks pretty much like natural shadows on the face. One thing I don't like about it though is how big and blunt the contour stick is, it makes shading around the nose a bit clumsy and messy, you have to transfer the product onto a smaller brush, then work it on both sides of the nose.

    並不是聖誕限量,只是當時有黑卡全館八折趁機入手。因為之後打算寫右邊那隻囂張的紫羅蘭色打亮跟中間的萬用色唇蜜,這裡就不詳細介紹啦!(懶) 最左帶灰調的修容棒Amber個人覺得非常適合偏白肌。市面上歐美系修容為因應偏愛健康膚色的外國女生常常做的太橘或太咖,偏白肌用起來往往會有點突兀,這支灰調咖啡色反而像是陰影一樣感覺比較自然。缺點是修容棒的膏體很粗很鈍,直接用來打鼻影太粗大很難控制,必須借助比較細的刷具先沾取再上在鼻樑兩側。

* Pixi Best of Bright Kit (2017 Holiday Edition), includes: 
    -  Pixi Glow Mud Cleanser
    -  Pixi Glow Tonic
    -  Pixi Glow Mud Mask

    I've been eager to try out the British cult favourite Pixi Glow Tonic, and this set has a sampling of the brand's three bestsellers in a pretty holiday edition rose gold-embossed gift box, so what's not to love? Glow Tonic is a gentle exfoliating toner with 5% glycolic acid, a gamechanger for oily skin and skin with pore problems and gentle enough for sensitive skin. I've read that some users encounter minor irritation after the first use before getting used to it, I did not have that problem, but due to inconsistent usage (probably laziness lol) I did not see much pore shrinkage with it either. The Glow Mud Mask on the other hand is a winner for me. It looks like mud and feels like mud, and upon application your face would just look like a freshly-cemented wall. Over time you can literally see the mask absorbing the sebum and oils from the pores as the pore areas gradually darken in colour, and after washing off the mask my face felt just smooth and deeply cleansed. I would consider repurchasing the Glow Tonic and the Glow Mud Mask (though in regards to mud masks I'd like to try out Glam Glow's too some time).

    一直很想嘗試在英國很火的Pixi Glow Tonic,這一組小樣剛好能一次試他們家三樣明星商品,加上聖誕限量的燙金松果圖案外盒我就投降了 XD  Glow Tonic是一款敏感肌也可用的溫和去角質型化妝水,含5%甘醇酸,特別適合油肌跟毛孔粗大肌膚。據說有些人初期用完皮膚會有灼熱感需要一段適應期,我是沒有遇上這問題,倒是因為一直沒能連續用它(因為有時太懶 orz)所以至今還沒能感受到明顯的縮小毛孔效果。不過我非常愛右邊Glow Mud Mask,面膜是灰土色的,塗上去完全像臉上一層洋灰 XDD  放置期間可以看到面膜把毛孔油脂吸出來的地方逐漸變成深色,洗掉之後完全就是深層潔淨後的清爽感。目前化妝水跟面膜都會想買正品(雖然泥面膜也有點想嘗試Glam Glow的)。

* the Balm PhotoBalm Powder Foundation in Lighter than Light
* Kat von D Lock-it Setting Powder

    Kat von D Lock-it Setting Powder, at 19g this would last me ages really. As the photo above shows, there's no powder puff included, and the powder looks a little yellowish in person but translates as almost translucent on the face. The powder itself is finely milled, does not cake and sets nicely on the skin, so it would be a greatt choice for setting under-eye concealers I think.


    the Balm's powder foundation, honestly I didn't even know they had a powder foundation until I came across this at the store. Despite a measly number of reviews at Makeup Alley the reception is mostly positive, and with Sephora KL inexplicably pricing it almost 50% off its official webstore's price, I had nothing to lose I guess. I find the retro packaging really cute (as the Balm's products usually are), and interestingly the cover girls' skin colour differ with each shade. Mine is Lighter than Light which is the fairest shade, and the next shade Light with more of a yellow tone has an Asian girl on the cover and so on, and not surprisingly the darkest shades feature black women in various degrees of darkness. As for the foundation itself, I have to say, unless you are born with flawless skin it's difficult to use this alone. It is very light and doesn't cake, and performs quite well at hiding pores, but really it doesn't do much concealing, so don't expect it to hide your acne or spots or dark circles. You have to conceal whatever flaws properly before applying this powder foundation. Another shortcoming would be the lack of a sponge, or even the space to accomodate a sponge. Perhaps this product is meant to be used with a brush, but this really makes it terribly inconvenient to touch up on the go or take it on a trip.

    the Balm的粉餅,感覺滿冷門的 XDD  查了一下Makeup Alley雖然心得不多但是普遍好評,加上吉隆坡Sephora不知為何這款粉餅定價只要馬幣59,大約官網的一半(應該不是快過期,因為這商品今年才剛推出),抱著撿便宜嘗鮮的心態買下去了。外包裝是the Balm一貫的可愛復古風,有趣的是按造不同色號封面的女生膚色種族也會不同。我這個是最白色號Lighter than Light,第二白比較偏黃的色號Light封面的女生就是個亞裔女性,最暗的幾個古銅色號的封面就以黑人女性為主這樣。至於粉餅本身的表現只能說除非是無瑕肌,不然大概很難單用這款粉餅。它真的很薄透,反覆疊上也不會厚粉,修飾毛孔方面不錯,有點柔焦效果彷彿天生好皮膚,但是本身並不遮瑕,所以遮痘遮斑遮黑眼圈就別指望它了,還是要乖乖做好遮瑕。還有個缺點就是它沒附粉撲,而且包裝設計連個裝粉撲的位置都沒有,可能產品是設計為用刷子上的,但是這對於帶出門跟補妝太不友善了 : (

* Sephora Collection Shiny Star Lip Gloss (Limited Edition 2017)
* Sephora Collection Midnight is Coming Eyeshadow Palette (Limited Edition 2017)
* Sephora Collection Winter Wonderland Premium Brush Set (Limited Edition 2017)

    I must applaud Sephora for its fox-themed Christmas releases, these are really too precious! And it's not just cosmetics, they even have a fox sleeping mask, a fox night-lamp, fox-shaped Stick-its. This star-shaped lip gloss with a fox ornament looks bright pink in the container, but on the lips it's more a clear lip gloss with a tinge of pink. There are iridiscent micro sparkles in it though, but it doesn't accentuate lip lines, and even have a little lip plumping effect. It smells of strawberry-scented shower gel, which I myself rather like.

    這次Sephora自家品牌出的聖誕限量彩妝真的太可愛啦外貌協會表示崩潰!!!是狐狸的主題,而且不光是彩妝,連狐狸睡眠眼罩、狐狸夜燈、狐狸便條紙都有 XDD  這款狐狸星型唇蜜看起來是亮桃紅,實際上是帶點粉色的透明唇蜜。本身有細緻的七彩亮粉,不顯唇紋甚至有點豐唇的效果。帶有類似草莓沐浴露的香味,甜甜的肥皂味還滿好聞的。

    This eyeshadow palette with a fox motif, despite being comprised of mainly cardboard, is really well-made and held together with a magnetic closure (btw I posted a little video of this palette on my Instagram a few days ago, you may head over to @bonjourjasmineblog if so inclined). The shades are tried-and-true earthy tones, but the powder is really finely-milled and pigmented,  the quality of these eyeshadows actually exceeds many drugstore brands that I know of. This and the exquisite packaging, all for a paltry RM29, how can you not??

    狐狸眼影,雖然是紙盒包裝但是非常精緻,打開放式是磁吸式的(我IG前天有先放這盤眼影的影片,有興趣可以到那裡看啦﹐帳號bonjourjasmineblog)。配色是老梗的大地色系,但是粉質意外的非常綿密顯色,比很多開價的表現都好。這麼可愛的包裝跟優秀的粉質,只要馬幣29,台幣大概200左右能不買嗎!? (喂)

    A simple eye look with the fox palette using only fingers -- with the left shade as the base, apply the middle shade over the outer 1/3 of the eyes and blend inwards, then accentuate the outer V areas with the darkest right shade and complete the look with black eyeliner.

    簡單的用手指上的眼妝 -- 左格打底,眼尾疊上中間格往內暈染,再用右格加重在眼外V區,最後加上眼線完成。

    A set of brushes in a fox-themed box, the handles look gold because of the sunlight but it's actually a beautiful rose gold. This set comprises of a fluffy powder brush, an angled blush brush and an eyeliner brush. The brushes are soft and comfortable, and while perhaps not as densely packed as higher-end brushes, they did their jobs quite well. And don't overlook the black base under the brushes, it's actually a magnet that holds the brushes (yes, these are magnetic brushes ; )  ) upright and in place on your vanity. 


* Zoeva Opulence Eyeshadow Palette

    Zoeva's recently released Opulence Eyeshadow Palette, truly as opulent as its namesake suggests. Apart from the elaborate designs, the names of the shades are also opulence-themed. And the shade selections are truly gorgeous in my eyes, all are shimmer shades with the exception of the candy apple red matte shade and the rightmost dark brown which has minimal sparkles but applies matte. Anyway I'm definitely doing a post on this so I'll save the swatches for next time!  

    Zoeva最近出的新品Opulence眼影盤,包裝超美超奢華!!!Opulence本身就是奢華的意思,所以除了外觀華麗,這次各色號的命名也都跟奢華有關。這次配色完全深得我心,除了那一格超搶眼的霧面正紅以及最後的深褐色外,其他都是帶漂亮光澤的金屬珠光色。不過這盤之後會另外寫一篇介紹,所以這篇就不放詳細心得跟試色啦 : P

     As I went there during the Black Friday sales and Christmas launch period, the freebies were not as abundant as my previous haul. Nevertheless, it's still a pretty respectable yield as shown below!
     因為碰上全館八折以及聖誕新品推出,這次拿到的贈品沒像上次那麼澎湃啦!不過我覺得收穫還是相當豐富的~~拿到這些 ↓↓↓

(Left section)
1. Sephora Collection Cleansing Cream packette in Rose
2. Mario Badescu 50th Anniversary Box (includes Glycolic Foaming Cleanser and Whitening Mask)
3. Sephora "Makeup is my Bae" canvas makeup bag

4. Aquis Rituals Headband in White (full-size)
5. BECCA First Light / Backlight Priming Filters sample card
6. Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer deluxe sample
7. Sephora Collection Pore & Fine Line Filler deluxe sample
8. Caudalie VineActiv Energizing and Smoothing Eye Cream deluxe sample

(Right section)
9.   First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser packette
10. Kat von D Mini Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita II 
11.  Nudestix Mini Magnetic Matte Lip Color in Greystone
12. Sephora Lipstick USB
13. Sephora Collection Outrageous Curl Mascara deluxe sample

    There's less makeup freebies this time, mostly skincare and a few tools such as the makeup bag and the headband (and the USB too lol). Sparse as it may be, I'm pretty pleased to get a mini Kat von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in their uber popular shade Lolita II and a Nudestix lip pencil in Greyhound. The paper swatches are shown above and a close-up of both shades on the lips below (lines galore, beware!!!)

    這次拿到的彩妝類贈品比較少,大多是護膚品跟零星的用具(化妝包、Aquis的正品髮帶跟口紅USB←這個算嗎?XD) 不過送的竟然是超紅的KVD Lolita II 液態唇膏還是很滿意啦,還有Nudestix的唇膏筆。上面是兩支的紙上試色,下面有試在唇上的圖(巨唇出沒注意!)

    (Sorry for those very detailed lip lines, thanks to my trusty macro lens lol)  How do I begin to describe the famed Lolita II? Well it's got a tinge of orange for sure, over a brown nude base I think. It's matte, obviously, and frankly not as dry as my swatch photo portrayed. Problem is, I put on the Nudestix Greystone (which is pretty drying) without priming my lips first, and after removing Greystone I immediately applied Lolita II, by which time my lips were well and truly shrivelled like a prune LOL

    (抱歉因為使用的是微距鏡頭所以唇紋拍的一覽無遺 XDD)KVD 的液態唇膏Lolita II,怎麼形容呢?大概是帶橘調的豆沙紅,霧面質地但其實沒照片看起來那麼乾 XD  主要是因為沒有先潤唇就上了下面那支Nudestix(那款真的頗乾)拍照,卸掉後馬上擦這支嘴唇簡直要乾裂了XDD

    The Nudestix Magnetic Lip Color in Greystone is a very dark earthy brown with a touch of grey. It's obviously not your everyday shade but if you want to make a dramatic statement this could be a good choice. The formula though is pretty drying, and gets drier over time so you might want to prep your lips with a balm first before applying.

    Nudestix的磁性唇膏筆,Greystone這個顏色真的非常非常土色,還帶有一點灰調。這個顏色顯然很不日常,但是如果追求高調的妝效的話這款應該不錯。只是質地真的蠻乾的,而且會越來越乾,所以上之前一定要做好唇部保濕不要重蹈我的覆轍(泣血相勸 T__T)

*    *    *

That's all this time, I guess! Am still reluctant to do away with my Christmas thingies though ; )

這次就先這樣啦!雖然已經新年但是還是很不想收起聖誕裝飾 XDD

    As usual, a medley of recent Instagram pics to end the post. Still in a festive mood, apparently. By the way, I also posted a swatch video of the Fenty Beauty highlighter and contour stick previously, head over here if you're interested : )

    照例的IG拼圖結束。最近完全還是聖誕色系的畫面 XD  另外除了狐狸眼影,之前也有放了Fenty Beauty紫羅蘭色打亮跟灰調修容的渣畫質(XD)影片,有興趣的話可以去看看啦~(→ 帳號 bonjourjasmineblog


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